Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be attending the conference? Is this event only for Harvard students?

The event is free and open to the public. Conference attendees span disciplines and include students (both undergraduate and graduate), sexual health educators, queer activists, youth leaders, scholars, journalists, and women’s rights advocates.

2. I can’t attend the conference. How can I follow along?

Find us on Twitter using the #rethinkingvirginity hashtag to read live updates from participants. Also, refer to the answer  to Question #3.

3. Will you post recaps of the sessions or upload conference materials?

Some of the presenters will be writing post-conference recaps (which you will be able to find after the conference under “press”). Handouts and presentations will be uploaded at the speaker’s discretion, and select video footage may be available.

4. I want to blog/tweet about this event! How can I reach the most people?

Use the #rethinkingvirginity hashtag on Twitter, and send the URL of your blog to lenachen[at]fas.harvard.edu. Live updates will be posted to the conference webpage throughout the day.