Post-Conference Press & Recaps

If you weren’t able to make it to Rethinking Virginity, check out the #rethinkingvirginity hashtag on Twitter to relive the conference through live comments and photos from the event.

You can also read about the conference in the following outlets:

Harvard Virginity Conference Pops Its Cherry, The Boston Phoenix

Slut Panel Postmortem: Shame, Shame, Go Away, Feministing

Educators Challenge Virginity Connotations, The Harvard Crimson

Rethinking Virginity—And Examining Our Assumptions About Sex, Jezebel (by panelist Lux Alptraum)

"Queer Sex Doesn’t Count" And Nine Other Myths Uncovered- And Debunked- at the Harvard "Rethinking Virginity" Conference, Feministing (by panelist Lori Adelman)

Stay tuned for more!