"A summit on the state of sexual purity."
The Washington City Paper

"The Rethinking Virginity conference [is] designed to challenge not just the cultural imperative that being a virgin is better but the entire concept of virginity itself. They’ve got a difficult task ahead of them. But it’s an important one."
The American Prospect

"It’s not every day you get a professor from Harvard Divinity School and the editor of Gawker’s porn site Fleshbot in a room together, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen on May 3."

“‘Rethinking Virginity,’ presented by the Harvard College Queer Students and Allies, explored the gray areas of virginity, the cultural constructs, pressures, and stigmas surrounding it, and its place in religion, politics, porn, and pop culture.
The Boston Phoenix

"No one walked away with a solid definition of what, exactly, virginity is. But perhaps it’s for the best. While the concept of virginity does have practical applications—in the public health sphere, as a personal milestone, or whatever it means to you—sexuality and sexual experience are too personal, and too nuanced, to benefit from any broad, generalized categorization."

"Health educators, feminist bloggers, and queer activists gathered at the Rethinking Virginity Conference to critique American society’s negative portrayal of losing one’s virginity [and] argue for a more positive approach to sexuality."
The Harvard Crimson