The Harvard College Queer Students and Allies (QSA) is an organization concerned with improving the visibility, strength, and support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied students, initiatives, organizations, and communities, in recognition of the marginalization that exists as the result of intersections of stigmatized identities. This group seeks to promote community awareness of and action on the social, socioeconomic, political, educational, and cultural issues surrounding queer identities and sexualities in the form of membership-driven events and campaigns in collaboration with other groups, organizations, and institutions.


The Harvard College Queer Students & Allies would like to thank the following sponsors:

The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus is composed of more than 5,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Harvard and Radcliffe alumni/ae, faculty, staff and students. HGLC was formed in 1984 to pressure Harvard University to include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy.

HGLC’s purposes include:

  • Building a sense of community among Harvard and Radcliffe gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people;
  • Maintaining and expanding a network of GLBT alumni/ae;
  • Pressing for a non-discriminatory and diverse academic, living and working environment at Harvard;
  • Educating others and ourselves about GLBT concerns and contributions;
  • Undertaking community service projects; and
  • Encouraging informal coordination among GLBT student groups throughout the University.

In 1987 members of the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus established a private charitable foundation, The Open Gate, a Fund for Gay and Lesbian Life at Harvard University.

Boloco: Boston Local Company will be providing free burritos to conference attendees during the lunch break.

The Harvard College Women’s Center promotes awareness of women’s and gender issues and supports contributions by women that challenge, motivate, and inspire. By centralizing resources and offering original programs, we empower students and student organizations to achieve their visions in pursuit of these goals. The Women’s Center is committed to creating a welcoming environment that encourages diversity of perspective, experience, and values. The Women’s Center is a division of the Office of Student Life in Harvard College.