Post-Conference Press & Recaps

If you weren’t able to make it to Rethinking Virginity, check out the #rethinkingvirginity hashtag on Twitter to relive the conference through live comments and photos from the event.

You can also read about the conference in the following outlets:

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Slut Panel Postmortem: Shame, Shame, Go Away, Feministing

Educators Challenge Virginity Connotations, The Harvard Crimson

Rethinking Virginity—And Examining Our Assumptions About Sex, Jezebel (by panelist Lux Alptraum)

"Queer Sex Doesn’t Count" And Nine Other Myths Uncovered- And Debunked- at the Harvard "Rethinking Virginity" Conference, Feministing (by panelist Lori Adelman)

Stay tuned for more!

Join us on May 3rd, 2010

Harvard University

Is there a sex-positive way to teach abstinence? What are the historical and cultural origins of the virginity ideal? How does a queer person lose their virginity? Does anyone even know what virginity really is?

From debunking myths to defying norms, the Rethinking Virginity Conference will feature scholars and experts speaking about gender, sexuality, and the elusive concept of virginity.


The event take place at the Student Organization Center at Hilles. Brought to you by the Harvard College Queer Students & Allies.

Thank you to our sponsors …

… for making this event free and open to the public, with support from our publicity partners:

ACLU of Massachusetts, Fenway Health, Queer Women of Color and Friends, Feminist Majority Foundation Choices Campus Program, Bisexual Resource Center, and the Harvard College student groups, Trans Task Force, Radcliffe Union of Students, & Students For Choice.